What role does sound play in your cooking?

This is one of the many questions our CMO & Quiet Mark Podcast host, Simon Gosling asks BBC MasterChef Winner and Judge, Ping Coombes, who is accompanied by fellow guest, Henk Huisseune, Innovation Director with Novy.

In sharing her experience with sound in her cooking, Ping takes us from purchase to plate. From the bustling street food markets of Ipoh, the culinary capital of Malaysia, where she grew up, through her incredible MasterChef experience, to her busy home kitchen, which is in operation almost 24/7, with recipe planning, online cooking classes, and a home delivery service, not to mention a family feed, Ping explores how sound shapes her cooking.

Thankfully, amidst that chaos, Ping's Quiet Mark certified Novy cooker hood is so quiet, it doesn't distract her from the many things she has to organise . And the person responsible for the Innovation Team at Novy, who make cooker hoods so quiet, Ping claims she doesn't even notice it's on, is Henk Huisseune.

Simon asks Henk if it's possible,  to create an extractor fan that can be both quiet, yet powerful and to share his fascinating journey from academia, through working with Start-Ups, to his role today as Innovation Director with Novy.

Belgian extraction and induction manufacturer Novy has been awarded Quiet Mark Certification for 58 extractors, found on our website, here: https://www.quietmark.com/brands/novy

Craftsmanship and innovation are Novy's absolute drivers: from the start, the highest requirements were set in the fields of design, ease of use, sustainability and silence. 

Revolutionary peripheral extraction combined with optimised soundproofing ensures very efficient, yet super-quiet extraction. Novy is a leading European brand in kitchen ventilation and it has constructed a range of products offering solutions for every type of kitchen.

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