In this episode we discuss the occupational and environmental effects of noise pollution in construction, with Peter Wilson, Technical Director of Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre and Echo Barrier, whose noise reduction products are Quiet Mark certified

In the UK in 2019, noise breaches on construction sites were reported to be up 25%. With the sector now preparing to ‘build, build, build’, the situation will worsen without action.

Noise is one of the most commonly-found contaminants in the construction sector. Construction sites produce extensive amounts of noise pollution, the effects of which are experienced immediately.

The negative effects are not restricted to the construction site, with noise pollution creating a problem for surrounding areas. Local residents often report varying levels of stress, sleep disturbance and high blood pressure. Noise pollution can also disturb the natural cycles of animals and reduce the size of their habitat.

In addition to a mechanical engineering degree and an MSc in Acoustics and Vibration, Peter Wilson has spent over 35 years honing his practical skills in the field of noise and vibration engineering - initially in the automotive industry (solving problems on both products and for customers). He has acquired a considerable reputation for developing innovative noise control techniques across a very wide range of applications and industries. This includes the design of the award-winning Echo Barriers, innovative, award-winning fan noise control technology and novel structural vibration dampers.

Peter also developed the Institute of Occupational Health (IOSH - UK) competency training courses in both noise and vibration. To share good vibrations, he also does a bit of stand-up comedy! But noise pollution is no joke, so please do tune in to find out more. 

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